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Would you like to be light and flowy like a feather (Fjädern) or strong and balanced like the elephant (Elefanten)? In either case this is the place for you. We provide for our students the structure to complement their study path with classes of other disciplines. For example, if you are a dancer you will benefit from yoga and strength training. If you do mainly strength training you will need to include some yoga and dance in your routine. You need to be strong to be light. You need to be light and coordinated to become strong.

As to the teaching and the school:

we love to guide and witness the growth of our students in the activity they choose. We believe that the best growth and enjoyment come not from the achievement of goals but from the commitment we all (students and teachers) bring. Once the slavery from achievement is out of the equation, the atmosphere in the school becomes friendly and relaxed. From there great achievements can actually come.



Frödingsvägen 9, 112 56, Stockholm

T-Kristineberg, Bus 61 or 65.

Phone:      +46(0)739057786

Email:        admin@fjadernochelefanten.se


Monday – Friday :    08:00 – 22:00

Saturday & Sunday :    10:00 – 21:00




Giorgio is one of the most known dancers and teachers of Argentine tango in Sweden. 

He had been educated at the Gabriel Misse and Analia Centurion school in Buenos Aires. He also had strong influence in his dancing by Noelia Barsi. Giorgio has performed in various tango clubs in Sweden and appeared on Swedish TV documentaries like DANSA (SVT production by Eva Breckert) and TV4 Dansensdag 

Giorgio says of himself 

"I work constantly and obsessively on the basics of tango, the embrace and the walk. This path leads to true dancing and the most authentic, elegant, organic movements. I believe that reinforcing the basic structure of the dance and then consciously working at the edge of it, opens the door to creativity, fun and art. The more I dance Tango the more I discover that Tango is not about the movement but is about the pause.  So my aim is to improvise in my dancing but I use the same system also when I create choreographies" 

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Former ballet dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm and at Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo in Monaco as well as pilates instructor with education from Swissbody Pilates Academy
in Geneva and Pilates Scandinavia in Stockholm.
For Katariina has pilates always been a good complement to the classical ballet training throughout her over 20 years long carreer. It has also helped her to get in shape after three pregnancys. She wants to share her knowledge and her expererience of how to work with
the body. She likes to teach both beginners and the more experienced students. Katariina uses different styles of pilates to make it suited for different needs. The leading words for her pilates training is strength, flexibility and focus. She can teach in swedish, english, finnish and french. Katariina lives in Nyköping with her family where she also runs her own pilates
studio and a dance school.

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Valentina is a professional ballroom dancer with a lifetime experience who represented Sweden in World and European championships. Educated coach and ballroom judge who can also help you with wedding dance of your dreams.

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För några år sedan, efter insikt i meditationens, yogans och dess läras transformativa effekter, bestämde jag mig för att dedikera mig helhjärtat till att utveckla min egen praktik samt att utbilda mig. Jag har nyligen avslutat min tredje yogalärarutbildning i Indien (300 hrs YTT) och är utbildad enligt Yoga Alliance kriterier (RYT 500). Jag  undervisar i olika former av klassisk Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yoga Nidra (sömn yoga) samt Yin yoga (och en blandning däribland). 


A few years ago, after discovering more profoundly, the benefits a transformative effects of meditation and the teachings of yoga I decided to dedicate myself to the practice wholeheartedly and soon after started to teach. I recently finished my third yoga teacher training in India (300 hrs YTT) and am thereby RYT 500 accredited in accordance with the Yoga Alliance criteria. I teach different forms of traditional Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga), Yin yoga (as well as a mixture thereof). 

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Ellen Johansson has a degree in dance from London Contemporary Dance School and is certified Inner Axis and Hatha yoga teacher via Triyoga in London. For the past six years she has been freelancing as a professional dancer and dance teacher in London but is now back in Sweden.

Ellen teaches in a clear, compassionate and energizing way. In her career as a professional dancer and from practicing yoga since 2006, she has accumulated a deep knowledge in movement.

With her interest in anatomy, posture and alignment, she helps her students understand habits and how these can develop into more healthy ones. She is convinced that all bodies have potential and can find joy in movement.

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Anna is a certified Body Control Pilates teacher, teacher trainer and a health coach, specializing in maternity practices. With background in classical ballet, contemporary dance and dance pedagogy, she has worked with the ´body´ for 18 years through various establishments and has gained experience in versatile approaches to working with it. Her goal is to give you guidance and practical tools to improve the quality of your everyday life!

“I believe that we should learn to listen to ourselves and what our body tells us, in order to take care of our health and well-being. That means, that it is important to me that my client understands why we are doing an exercise and what effect it has on their body because I wish my Pilates practice to have sustainable effects. So, that people could gradually make independent and informed decisions about their movement, general health and treat the body as a whole. It brings a smile on my face when my clients say that they happen to think about what we have learned in the class just when lying on the couch after work or walking on the street”.

There are very many forms of Pilates classes taught, Anna is currently the only person teaching the Body Control Method in Stockholm and Sweden in general and is convinced that Pilates is for EVERY BODY.



After struggling for many years with feelings of unworthiness and insecurities that culminated in a substance addiction and other addictive behaviors, finding the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga has profoundly not only changed my life, but also given me access to my own full potential of creating the life that I deserve.

Now it is my calling and duty to share the gems of these ancient techniques adapted for the modern person to everyone that has a longing to connect to their own creative and transformative power, to the Teacher within.

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Yoga: 200 sek 

Pilates: 220 sek

Contemporary dance: 220 sek 

Tango: 250 sek 

KLIPPKORT (10 times/ 1 person)* 

Yoga: 1800 sek   

Pilates: 2000 sek

Contemporary dance: 2000 sek

Tango: 2200 sek 

KLIPPKORT (20 times/ 1 person)* 

Yoga 3000 sek   

Pilates: 3700 sek

Contemporary dance: 3700 sek

Tango: 4000 sek 

1 month any discipline : 3600 sek 

3 months any discipline: 7200 sek

 *Kundalini Yoga by Siri & Salsa classes by Matilda have their own pricing and at moment it is not possible to buy cards for them and you buy them separately.

You find their prices in the class description once you book for one of their classes.


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